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​v2.1.6d (current and final)

- Added compatibility for FML (Forge Mod Loader). This means the normal Modloader is no longer required.

- The portable hole is now able to dig a hole through tile entities. Use caution when using this ability though.

- while it should work fine 99% of the time, some mods might not like having their Tile Entities go AWOL for a few seconds.

- Some minor bugfixes and optimizations.

- Also: A secret suprise...


- Blocks like arcane seals, void chests and void interfaces should now be a lot happier about being moved by RP Frames or similar mod items.

- The Wand of Equal Trade now only exchanges visible blocks (blocks with at least one side adjacent to open air or a non-opaque block.

- Fixed some crashes with Mystcraft.

- Using Arcane Tinkering Tools on blocks that force chunks to be loaded (teleport seals, void interfaces and chunkloading seals) will outline the loaded chunks with a particle effect. The effect remains for 2 minutes or until you use the tools again. Only the chunks loaded via TC chunkloaders will be displayed.


- Updated Forestry API usage.

- Updated to newer Extrabiomes XL API.

- Fixed issues with Void Interfaces and session changes where items would get lost/duplicated (Thanks to JRoush for the solution to this one).

- Fixed crashes with certain items in the TC enchanters.

- Fixed Soul Charm occasionally counting xp-orbs multiple times.

- Fixed the way custom sounds are loaded/extracted which should improve compatibility with MCPatcher and solve some other issues people were experiencing with my custom sounds (once again thanks to JRoush).


- Added the ability to enchant tools like the wands, thaumium hoes, tinkering tools, etc. Also added a new enchant to go with these changes. This only works with the TC enchanters.

- Goggles of Revealing can now be enchanted, but are now damagable.

- Magic boosting seals now no longer causes taint charge to skyrocket. They are also slightly more effective.

- Removed both the Herp and the Derp from the API. It no longer references classes that might not be present. It was actually pretty much unusable in its previous state.

- Added Secret Sauce.

- Added the Forestry API. TC items should pop into the correct forestry backpacks.

- Wand of Water is a lot more squirty now and causes minimal damage to most mobs and not so minimal damage to others. It can also put out fires.


- Added support for Extra Biomes.

- Fixed some bugs with the chunkloading seals.

- Fixed some bugs with the void bracelet and teleport seals in general.

- Natural tainted areas can now be larger than just a single chunk.


- Rebalanced the costs of the Occultic Enchanter.

- Fixed a bug where some of the higher level enchantments weren't showing up in the Occultic Enchanter.

- Added the ability to scroll through all the available enchantments if more can be placed on an item than can be displayed on a single screen.


- Added a few odds and ends.

- The Hoe of the Mystic now only tills a limited amount of blocks before stopping.

- The Axe of the Stream and Elemental Cutter now won't destroy themselves when multi-harvesting.

- they will stop once they only have 1 durability remaining.

- The behaviour of shift-harvesting for the elemental tools can now be changed in the config file.

- Animated textures should now work properly in higher rez texture packs.

- Arcane Furnace receives greater boosts in speed and multi-smelt chance from bellows than it used to.

- Nitor can now be placed in the world as a light source.

- Numerous minor tweaks and bug-fixes.


- Loads of minor bugfixes and balance tweaks.

- Unnerfed natural taint areas a bit.

- Vastly improved the handling of the Flying Carpet.

- Added some custom enchants.

- The main ability of the Pickaxe of the Core has been toned down. Instead of breaking multiple blocks it instead automatically smelts any items you mine.

- Portal seals and void interfaces keep the chunk they are placed in loaded at all times. In addition two new seals have been added: Magic+Earth and Magic+Earth+Earth. These seals keeps a 3x3 and 5x5 area of chunks loaded around where they are placed.

- Boot's speed boosts should work now... finally. All the boots also now allow you to step up 1 block without having to jump.

- Loads of new stuff as well.


- HOTFIX: Carpet isn't as homocidal in survival mode anymore and it's duration bar doesn't overlap the health/food bars.

- Numerous bug fixes.

- Added a couple of new items and seal combinations.

- Fixed (hopefully) the problem with the aura being shared between various dimensions. Please report if you find any further issues with this.

- Tweaked the way taint spreads and how taint charge effects the aura to make it a lot less aggressive.

- Tweaked world gen (its a bit more generous now).

- Condensers now produce depleted crystals instead of tainted crystals. Using an upgraded condenser with tainted crystals will also produce depleted crystals.

- Crystalizers can now be used on crystals that are not depleted to change their type.

- Void bracelets do not require a vis crystal to functions anymore... of course, nothing in life is free. Like normal portals they cause damage to the local aura in both the source and destination chunk.


- Pickaxe of the Core can once again point you towards crystals

- Naturally spawned crystals can once again spawn with more than one crystal

- Ore crystals can now grow even if the aura isn't charged, but the chance is much lower.

- Increased the success chance of the wand of reversal

- Opening a monolith created in a 1.2.3 world should no longer flood the surrounding chunks with taint.


- Hotfixed condenser not working after running out of crystals.

- Natural spawning tainted areas are now much rarer, but you can configure their rarity in the config file.

- Taint spores only make an appearance when taint levels rise above 66%.

- Dark infuser should behave itself now.

- Vis Purifiers also generate taint suction now.

- Fixed Concentrated vis recipe.

- Traveling trunks now remember how many slots they have.

- A few other minor bugfixes.


- Aura growth from crystals only occurs when the aura or taint dips very low (below 10% of max). However harvesting crystals now damages the aura. This was changed since eventually auras would max out in "unused" chunks.

- High or low auras doesn't create grasslands or deserts anymore. It was causing too many problems. It will eventually return however in some other form in a future update.

- Pre-tainted chunks can now spawn in the world.

- Crystals spawns are now determined by biome, with certain biomes spawning more crystals of a certain type: e.g. deserts will have more fiery crystals.

- Conduits and vis flow has been redone completely. It is now a suction based system with blocks that require vis causing negative pressure in the conduits and this pulling vis towards themselves.

- The elemental tools (pick of the core, etc.) have been nerfed a bit. Each block mined by the axe and pick now damages durability and the sword is much slower when you use it to fly. A fourth tool (shovel) has been added. The axe right-click has been moved to the shovel and has gained a new ability in its place.

- Portal seals within the same network doesn't automatically cycle between destinations anymore, you can right click to cycle now. - Totems of Dusk/Dawn have bigger effects on the aura and actively grow or decrease the spread of taint. - Loads of bugfixes, rebalancing and ease of use improvements. - Most blocks and seals can now be turned off if a redstone signal is applied. - Enchanter has been completely redone. It now shows the item levels and it is much cheaper to enchant items. - Couple of new seals (water+magic for instance is a healing seal) and Crystal ball now holds a record of all your discovered seal combos. - Added Thaumonomicon which holds a record of all your research discoveries. - Research has been rebalanced:

- Artifacts give bigger bonuses.
- Base failure/loss chances are a bit lower.
- Base success chances are a bit higher.
- Bookcases and brains give larges bonuses.
- You can't research items if you haven't completed the research for a precursor item. For example you won't get a theory for Meteor boots till you have discovered Seven League boots.
- A lot more items can result in specific theories instead of just fragments.

- Arcane furnace is more expensive to craft, but gains a bigger bonus from bellows.

- Tanks don't like being full of taint anymore. They really don't.

- Monoliths now only spawn their "extra bits" once unlocked and the blocks spawned are the destructable kind. Only the monolith itself remains indestructable.

- Air+dark+dark seal now place items in all containers and looks for containers up to two blocks away.

- The replanting seal looks for wheat seeds from any container within 2 blocks and plants them.


- The Aura and Taint cap in zones have been halved by default. Existing worlds will be converted to match the new numbers. This means taint is more of a threat and vis is easier to deplete. A new setting has been added to the .cfg so you can tweak the numbers of you don't like this change.

- A few new items have been added to help you manage Aura and Taint. Researchable of course.

- Taint spread code has been optimized a bit.

- Tallgrass won't replace grass blocks in high vis areas.

- Wand of fire isn't infinite anymore.

- Nor are Cinderpearls.

- Fixed goofiness with Portals and Void interfaces.

- The dupe bug with void interfaces is also fixed (hopefully). Please report if you it rears its ugly head again.

- Totems of dawn and silverwood trees are much better at preventing the spread of Taint now.

- Vis crystal spawning is now weighted by biome instead of world height.

- Several other minor bugfixes.


- Crystals should no longer appear above Steve's head.

- When you completed all the research in a category you will receive your fragment of knowledge back if the research cycle is successful with a chance of gaining a second random fragment.

- Totem of Dawn and Totem of Dusk have new recipes and are both in the tainted research category now.

- Fixed flatland crashes.

- Tank vis dupe bug fixed.

- Sword of Four Winds and Pick of the Core no longer have the same item id.

- Arcane Bore and Duplicator don't have the same recipe anymore.

- Numbering on discovery gui is fixed - All types of wood logs can now be enchanted.

- Wand of Reversal now has a higher chance of success.


- Complete overhaul, it's like a whole new game!

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