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Welcome to the community-made wiki for the popular Minecraft mod Thaumcraft 2!

Currently the most comprehensive information source on all things Thaumcraft 2, feel free to contribute and keep Thaumcraft 2 players everywhere informed.

Thaumcraft 2 is now discontinued in favour of Thaumcraft 3, head over to the Thaumcraft 3 Wiki for relevant information.

The entire wiki, with the exception of the Thaumcraft Math page, has now been locked, if you find something that needs fixing please notify an admin.


If you value the mystery in the mod, you may want to turn back now, as you will most likely encounter spoilers to some of the "secret" objects in the mod. This is the only spoiler warning you will receive, proceed at your own risk.

Please note that all information in this wiki is subject to change as new versions of the mod are released, and data becomes outdated or obsolete.

All information and pictures are either gleaned from the Thaumcraft 2 OP at Minecraft forums, the official wiki, the Technic wiki, Google image search, or added and edited directly by contributors.

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