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Portable Hole

The great wizard Ak'mee has decided to share his newest creation with us: The Portable Hole! Ever needed to get inside your home, but the door was just too far? Here is your answer! The Ak'mee Portable Hole... craft one today.

Uses limited. Do no use near heavy machinery. Do not use when medicated, inebriated, pregnant, or sane. May cause sterility and sudden onset death. Ak'mee and Associates are not responsible for loss of life or limb.

Boots of Striding

These boots offer similar protective properties to leather boots, except they are much more durable and increases their wearers movement speed and jumping ability. The wearer of these boots is also able to step up 1 block high areas without having to jump and falling distance is halved while wearing them.

Unfortunately the added exertion does cause food to be consumed slightly faster while they are worn. They can also be enchanted like normal leather boots. Holding the Sneak button while wearing them reduces jump distance to normal levels. Also when pressing shift they prevent you from falling off of the block you are standing on.

Wand of Fire

When activated this wand sends out a stream of fire that burns any creature caught in it's path.

Wand of Lightning

When activated this wand sends out a bolt of lightning, electrocuting and slowing anything it is aimed at. The bolt of lightning cannot miss.

Wand of Water

This can be used to make all manner of things wet. It hydrates tilled soil, turns sand into dirt, freezes standing water into ice and creates short-lived streams of running water. Umbrella not included.

Wand of Equal Trade

This wand can be used to turn one block into another as long as you have enough of the target block in the inventory.

Simply use the wand with shift-click on the type of block you want to turn other blocks into. When you right-click normally on a block in the world, one of the target blocks will be removed from your inventory and replace the block you clicked on - which in turn will pop into your inventory. The wand transforms up to 16 blocks at a time.

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